Analyse data

Analyse the results of your research and gain useful insights

Analyse, report and optimise

Transform insights into actions and optimise your product or service based on the feedback of your customers.

Real-time insights

Listen to your customers and increase customer loyalty

Show customers that you listen to them and that you value their feedback.With InSocial you have real-time insights into customer feedback. You will receive an alert when you have received negative feedback, helping you with quickly handling complaints. Because even when a customer is dissatisfied, proactively reaching out to them can still turn in them into promoters.

Customer-focused optimisation

Turn data into actions, with InSights from InSocial

What makes your customers happy? What do they think is important? With InSights you will gather this data by taking a close look at the reasons customers have given you and the feedback they provide in open questions. In addition, InSights makes it easy to make comparisons between the performances of different branches, employees, locations or any other variables. Providing you with a great overview of where improvements are to be made.

InSocial InSights data analyseren image

Keep your stakeholders informed

Bring the results to the right places within your organisation

At InSocial we make sure that you can deliver the results to your stakeholders instead of stakeholders requesting them from you. That’s why we create customised reports, entirely adjusted to your preferences, making it possible for you to proactively inform the different levels of management within your company!

Full integration with an open API

Exchange data with your current platforms

You can easily link InSocial and InSights to your CRM-, webcare- or front office system. This can be done with an open API (Application Programming Interface). Providing you with a great overview of different data streams.

Eager to learn how you can apply this to your business?

Roompot measures customer satisfaction ‘the smart way’

Can the questions you ask always be relevant to the guest? Roompot proves it can be! Since May 2016, Roompot Holidays has been using InSocial for research into customer satisfaction and measuring KPIs, but this goes much further than the well-known NPS.