Client case

From the resort to the cottage

Roompot measures customer satisfaction 'the smart way'

Roompot Holidays is one of the biggest holiday resort chains in the Netherlands and is active in the management and operation of bungalow parks and campsites. Roompot Holidays was founded in 1965 and over the past 50 years has grown from a simple campsite to a national market leader with an international offer in Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark.

Since May 2016, Roompot has been using InSocial for research into customer satisfaction and their KPI’s, and they go way further than the well-known NPS.

Several AB tests were executed in order to see how much information a customer wants to provide during a survey. The current rule is that customers are more likely to complete short surveys, but the results of the AB tests show a different outcome.

Short surveys generate a higher number of respondents, right?

If you really want to know everything, you can, of course, set up long surveys. But then you’re almost sure that your response level will be on the low side. At least, that is the current view.

The AB tests that were carried out by InSocial in collaboration with Roompot, provided a surprising result, which was that the response on both the short and the long survey was virtually the same. And we’re talking about a difference of 3 questions versus 25 questions. This is quite exceptional, and it indicates that the fear of asking too many questions is not always justified. In some cases, like with Roompot, people are willing to share their story. This is why Roompot has chosen for the longer survey.

In this client case we explain where in the survey Roompot emphasizes relevance, both from the perspective of the guest and Roompot itself. Also, we explain how InSocial created the possiblity to publish reviews with the InSocial survey.

Here are three examples of surveys Roompot has created with InSocial:

Example survey: After booking online

Example survey: After booking call center

Example survey: After leaving

What did you think of the playground and Koos the Bunny?

“What did I think of that? No idea, I am a young man in his twenties who has rented a cottage with friends.”

Right. Asking questions that are not relevant to the guest does not provide answers you can use. You can, of course, add everywhere: not applicable or don’t know, but that clouds the data. And besides that; would it not be much better if the questions asked were really relevant to the guest? For example, young parents make use of other facilities than a group of twenty-somethings who share a house together.

InSocial has created the opportunity to ask relevant questions in collaboration with Roompot. Together, we have created a Smart Survey that knows exactly what the composition is of a group or family thanks to Roompot’s already known booking data. This allows you to measure customer satisfaction in a targeted way.

Smart technology: Based on the Roompot booking data, the questions can be adjusted, an example: no children with you, therefore no question about child-friendliness.

Customer Satisfaction: zooming in and out

How well do your employees perform? Apart from park managers and cleaners, there are, of course, many other facility staff members, and each employee has a different function and level. The guest-focused survey asks specific questions that can be used to measure the effectiveness of each employee. This is always performance-based and within Roompot, an element of competition is added.

“The competitive element between the parks and park managers exists in such a way that we actually look at who has won at the end of the calendar year.”

Insights based on NPS and customer data

Outside the competition, keeping track of customer feedback is mainly important for optimising and innovating. At Roompot, there is the classic NPS measurement to measure customer satisfaction, which is implemented at every facility of the park, including the restaurant and entertainment.

With this Roompot has the ability to:

  • Determine an order of scheduled maintenance. (Based on which accommodations score badly on maintenance)
  • Decide which external parties generate the most bookings.
  • How well the call center employees help customers.

Reviews in own management

Especially for holiday providers it is nice to have their own reviews versus the ‘fixed’ Tripadvisor or Booking,com, without losing credibility. Guests still give their honest opinions, but the difference is that you can ask them specific questions regarding their holiday.

Roompot publishes the reviews from the InSocial platform on their own website. Roompot publishes not just per park or resort, but also per facility, for example: the swimming pool or the restaurant.


Being able to broadly measure customer satisfaction so that innovation can take place at a macro level, but certainly also at a micro level, can feel like a huge project. How do you start? You don’t want to bother guests with questions that don’t apply to them. And you want to measure success across the whole spectrum; how the managers run the resort, the cleaners clean a house, and how the entertainment team entertains the children. With InSocial’s smart surveys and InSights, Roompot has succeeded in collecting extensive and valuable customer data which, as a bonus, also produces reviews that can be published immediately.

Do you also want to create surveys that are relevant to your audience? Or would you like to collect as much data as possible without making it unpleasant?