Collect customer feedback

Be a better listener

Collect feedback at any time

Measure customer satisfaction and receive feedback throughout the customer journey with one single platform!

Smart and powerful surveys

Keep it short and simple

With our surveys, you ask your customer for feedback: the smart way! Create short, powerful surveys that are easy to fill in. As a result, fewer people leave halfway. Our surveys can also be adapted to your preferences or to the style of your brand.

Measure different KPIs

Choose the metric that fits your business goals

With InSocial you can measure different types of KPI’s, such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS). With the NPS you measure to what extent a customer would recommend your product or service. This gives you an indication of how happy and loyal your customers are.

The Customer Effort Score (CES) is also a widely used KPI. The CES measures how much effort it takes for a customer in order to get their question answered or their problem solved. The less effort it takes, the happier customers are!

Automate the feedback process

Avoid random questioning or cherry picking

InSocial helps you set up an automated feedback loop. By using different business rules, you avoid random questioning or cherry picking. Ensuring you will retrieve valuable and reliable data and preventing asking the same customers for feedback too often.

Touchpoints in the customer journey

Measure them all

With our software you can measure customer satisfaction via different channels and at different times throughout the entire customer journey. This gives you a better overview on your customers’ happiness and experience. At InSocial we help you decide which moments work best for you to collect customer feedback.

Ready to start measuring customer satisfaction?


Service of today, is the marketing of tomorrow

Daan van der Mijden, Customer Service Director at Samsung, tells you about how to distinguish your company with excellent service, how profitability can be achieved in customer satisfaction and customer contact and how InSocial helped them reach their goals regarding customer experience.