This is how InSocial works

Start with understanding your customers!

Improve the performance of your organisation

Close the omnichannel feedback loop!

Collect customer feedback

At any moment throughout the customer journey

  • Automate the feedback process
  • Short, powerful surveys
  • Measure KPI’s, such as NPS and CES
  • Available on every touchpoint, via every channel

Analyse the results

Turn insights into actions

  • Personalised dashboards, making data easy to analyse
  • Optimise your product or service based on feedback
  • Analyse trends and share the results with your stakeholders
  • An open API is available for full integration with your platforms

Publish reviews

Give your online sales a boost!

  • Convince potential customers with social proof
  • Publish reviews throughout your online sales funnel
  • Increase your ranking & Click Through Rates in Google
  • Engage empoloyees with the thoughts of your customers

WAVE (Cosmo & Team Kappers) faced a financial challenge in 2012; the frequency of visits declined and the average amount a customer spent was low. The hairdressing market was also becoming overcrowded and customers were switching from hairdresser all the time. By using InSocial, WAVE could understand their customers’ wishes much better, which resulted in a better customer experience.

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