Our onboarding route

A customised CX solution, implemented in 8 steps


1. Intake

First, we get to know you during an introductory meeting. Who are you and what kind of goals did you set for your business? How can InSocial help with achieving these goals? On which touchpoints in the customer journey would you like to measure customer satisfaction? With this input we will get started and set up a proposal!


2. Kick off

After accepting our proposal, we will schedule a kick-off session with you. In this meeting we discuss the details of your request. What do you want to know about your customers? Which questions do you want to ask them? How do you want to invite customers for your survey?


3. Implementation

Based on the kick-off session, we draw up an implementation plan and we get to work! In the meantime, you will also receive a training from us, in which we explain how our software works.


4. Testing

Your implementation is complete and we are ready to start testing. We use a checklist to ensure everything is secure, working perfectly is to your liking. Better safe than sorry!


5. “Live in 3, 2, 1…”

It’s time! Your survey is going live! The first invitations are sent and your customers can now give you feedback regarding your product or service.


6. Collecting data

You are receiving more and more feedback from your customers, which you can view in real time in our software. When a customers gives you a negative review, you’ll receive an alert in your inbox. This way you can immediately handle complaints. In this phase we also help you analyse your data by using InSights, our analytical dashboard.


7. Evaluation

After a month of collecting data, we will schedule an evaluation meeting with you. In an evaluation meeting we look at your first results and if there are any area of improvements. Are there adjustments you still want to make? We will take care of it! 

Then we discuss whether we can extend the process to, for example, multiple locations, so you can really measure the quality of your service across the entire customer journey.


8. Sharing is caring

Finally, you can choose to share the results. Send relevant reports to various stakeholders of your organisation. Informing each stakeholder with the information they really want to know. Or share your customers’ recommendations on your website, Facebook by publishing reviews.


Collect feedback continuously


Increase your customers’ satisfaction


Optimise and innovate

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