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Start optimising based on feedback

Optimising is now easier than ever! With personalised dashboards you have instant real-time data at your disposal. You can follow trends, report results and improve your products or services based on the feedback of your customers!

Analysing trends

What is your Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Effort Score (CES)? And how do these scores develop over time? InSights allows you to analyse the course of your KPIs and to follow trends.

Deep dive into your customers' thoughts

What makes your customers unhappy? And which factors do they consider important? InSocial InSights lets you zoom in on drivers. Drivers are reasons customers give behind a certain score. This provides you with an overview with which you can see exactly where in the organisation you need to drive improvements.

Make comparisons between variables

With InSights you can easily compare the performances between different locations, employees, customer groups or any other variables relevant to you. Providing you with insights in factors that influence the customer satisfaction.

InSocial InSights

Proactively report to your stakeholders

InSocial creates customized reports, which can be completely adjusted to your preferences. Create different versions for different levels of management within your organisation, making it possible for you to proactively keep stakeholders up to date with exactly the data that is relevant to them.


With InSights you go beyond customer ratings


Analyse your data

InSights provides you with a clear overview of customer data and feedback customers have given you


Personalised dashboard

Always adjustable to your preferences


Open API

Exchange data with your own CRM-, webcare- or front-office system


Analyse trends in your data

How do your KPIs progress over time?


Customised reports

Easily keep your stakeholders informed


GDPR Ready

Your data is safe & GDPR Proof

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