InSocial Surveys

Gather more customer feedback!

The most powerful surveys!

With our surveys you’ll continuously receive feedback from your customers. Adaptable to your brand’s look-and-feel and suitable for every device!

Swift Survey

Fast, efficient and user-friendly!

Our Swift survey works fast and is extremely easy to use. With this survey you always ask one question at a time, which makes it very user-friendly for different target groups! Choose or even create a smiley set and adjust the survey completely to your brand’s identity!

Conversational Survey

It's like a real conversation!

Think about the time you spent on different conversational interfaces, such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.  We chat every day, which makes the Conversational Survey feel very natural to fill in. This survey specially designed for mobile, but can also be used on any other device!

A survey with a human touch! React on the answers your respondents give you or use a photo of one of your employees to make your survey even more personal!


The possibilities are endless!


Measure in the moment

Send surveys when and how you want



Adaptable to your preferences and to the style of your brand


Smart & personal

Use business rules, skip logic or send parameters along with the survey. Making your survey smart!

Closed Loop Feedback

Show respondents that you are listening to them and follow up on feedback immediately



Integrate by using our open API


GDPR Ready

Keep data safe & GDPR Proof

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