InSocial Surveys

Gather customer feedback - the smart way

Keep it short and simple

InSocial understands that consumers don’t appreciate surveys that will take a long time to complete. After all, we ourselves do not like to waste half an hour of our day providing feedback. Therefore, you should respect the valuable time of consumers and send out short, but powerful surveys.

Only ask what you really want to know

With InSocial you can create short & smart surveys. By using different business rules, skip logic and by sending data you already sure of along with the survey (such as: which service agent handled the request), you can really focus on what you want to know from the customer.

Closed Loop Feedback

When you fill in a questionnaire yourself, how often do you think: “What would they do with my feedback?” Right. Following up on feedback is greatly appreciated by consumers. InSocial makes it easy for you to respond on the feedback you receive, ensuring you close the feedback loop!

The features of our survey:


Measure in the moment

Send surveys when and how you want



Adaptable to your preferences and to the style of your brand


Smart & personal

Use business rules, skip logic or send parameters along with the survey. Making your survey smart!

Closed Loop Feedback

Show respondents that you are listening to them and follow up on feedback immediately



Integrate by using our open API


GDPR Ready

Keep data safe & GDPR Proof

Want to know more about our surveys?

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