Publishing reviews

Maximise the power of customer ratings

Gain the trust of your potential customers

Do you often read reviews before you buy a product online? Probably. Are you still going to a hotel that gets a grade lower than a 6? Probably not. Reviews are very common to read before making the decision to purchase and we often search for them online.

Publish reviews on your website, social media and Google Search

Optimise your online sales funnel

Potential customers often search for reviews and ratings before they make the decision to buy a product or to make use of a service. They prefer to read about the experiences of others and especially of people similar to themselves, making them trust your brand and company. This is called social proof.

Reviews help you convince potential customers. With InSocial you can publish reviews on your website, your company’s Facebook page or in the search results of Google.

Be easily found in search results

Boost your ranking and Click-Through-Rates

Reviews are considered user generated content, which is 12 times more reliable than content delivered by a company itself. By publishing reviews the SEO value of your website increases along with your ranking in organic search results.

With the Google review snippets (the well-known 5 yellow stars) your ads will stand out from other ones. Increasing your Click-Through-Rates and ROI on paid search!

Bring it to the floor

Share your favorite reviews

Besides publishing reviews online, you can share reviews via narrowcasting. Narrowcasting is a form of communication where information is shared visually on a screen or display to a specific group of people.

You can show your favorite reviews on display in the store, the waiting room or show your customer satisfaction results at your customer service department. Everything is possible!

Use the power of social proof to gain more customers!

How can you turn an 8 into a 10?

As an online insurance provider, where your customers are very active on online platforms, you can stay up to date regarding customer satisfaction by asking customers at the right time for feedback. And this goes much further than the standard NPS questions.