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Collect, analyse and publish client feedback and reviews with InSocial software.

The importance of reviews and feedback

Do you read reviews before you make a purchase? Most likely you do.

Would you consider staying at a hotel that doesn’t get ratings above 6? Fat chance.

At least 70% of consumers is just like you. Reviews, also known as user-generated content, are seen as 12 times more trustworthy than content generated by the sellers themselves.

Actively pursuing improved client satisfaction also results in client loyalty and retention, and a higher NPS. Innovation will be based on client data, avoiding ineffective campaigns and pointless expenses.

InSocial software makes optimising easier than ever before.

What can you expect from InSocial?

  • InSocial software helps you actively collect reviews and feedback. We do this with the aid of surveys and it is much easier than you think.
  • InSights, our custom data analysis software, will translate the collected data to bite sized info or extensive reports, depending on your specific needs.
  • Positive reviews can be published online immediately, negative ones can be directed straight to customer service.  InSocial will automate the entire process for you.

With InSocial you will get miles ahead of the competition. Where our competitors usually refer you to third party application to get the full picture, InSocial offers you the complete package.

WAVE International about review collection:

“… Some months and hundreds of reviews later we discovered a prevalent issue at our salons. Clients just wanted a good cup of coffee while they were getting their hair done. That was easily solved and meant a big improvement in client satisfaction.”

InSocial survey features


Plug & Play

Installation of InSocial software (SaaS) is painless and it is easy to use.


Corporate Design

Surveys and publication tools can be done in your own corporate design.



What are your goals? InSocial goes beyond the basics.



Avatars can be in your corporate design, or in standard format.


Types of Questions

Essay, multiple choice or likert scale? InSocial has the answers.



Smileys are intuitive and therefore very effective.



Can’t figure it out?
We are always here to help.



Need surveys in another language?
No Dunglish here!

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