Realize significant growth by actively utilizing feedback

Use customers’ feedback to train your customer service staff, optimize your internal processes, improve your products, create innovations and more effectively tailor your marketing communication to your target group. Share the results with the internal stakeholders and learn from them constantly.

Ervaar een aanzienlijke groei, wanneer je actief met feedback aan de slag gaat
Automatische alerts naar de juiste persoon

Automatic alerts sent to the right person

With Insocial, you can set up automatic alerts that are sent directly to the right person. Think of e.g. the complaints department, the account manager in question, the employee who helped a customer or the person responsible for CX in a specific region or branch. They will personally follow up on the situation and assist the customer with what they need.

Easily and quickly respond to your respondents’ feedback

The best way to close the feedback loop is by responding to your customers’ feedback, be it positive or negative. You can easily set this up using Insocial’s canned responses. These standard answers to commonly heard feedback offer an effective solution to responding to feedback!

Easily and quickly respond to your respondents’ feedback
Breng de feedback terug in je eigen systemen

Feed the feedback back into your own systems

You can also opt to feed the feedback you receive back into your own systems, e.g. in a software that you are already using to communicate with your customer. We can share these data using our Open API to save your agents from having to log in to a different platform to respond.

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You are now at 'Closed Loop Feedback'. The next step is to share results via narrowcasting!

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Grow your organization with feedback

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