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Since May 28, 2022, a new policy is active that prohibits the posting of fake reviews and the manipulation of reviews. We are happy with this and fully support this policy. An organization can only really improve its processes and products if the customer feedback is real and not manipulated or falsified. As a feedback platform, we are happy to guide and teach our customers regarding the new review rules. On this page you can read what this new legislation means.

1. What exactly does the legislation mean?

The responsibility lies entirely with you as an organization. You must be able to prove the following:

  • Who the author of the published review is;
  • What demonstrable relationship the author of the published review has

With relationship we mean: a purchase has been made or there has been a contact moment that justifies this published review. So in summary, the review must be legitimate and demonstrably written by verified individuals.

2. How can Insocial customers test reviews for authenticity?

  • Through smart feedback invitations, customer data is sent along with the review using metadata. This way your company can check the reviews on authenticity and customer data. The chance that the reviews are fake is zero, because our customers receive a feedback invitation personally. As a company you can easily check the mailing list for authenticity of mail addresses and compare them with the customer database if desired.
  • IP addresses are also sent along. Also in this way the reviews can be checked on authenticity.
  • Insocial strongly advises against deleting negative reviews. Insocial also points out that - without a legitimate reason - removing negative reviews is punishable. The responsibility remains with the customer.
  • When sending an invitation, it is checked if the email address is unique.

We also conduct surveys on the reviews that are reported to us. Both consumers and our customers can report a review. We carry out independent research into the reported review(s).

3. We would like to point out to our customers that as of May 28, 2022:

  • You must clearly indicate on the website how you counteract fake reviews. You can also link to this page from Insocial.
  • You may not pretend to be a consumer and post reviews about your own products or services.
  • You may not pay a reviewer or give a reviewer an advantage to write a review without mentioning it in the review. You must explicitly mention this in the review.
  • You may not remove negative reviews without mentioning it and leave only the positive ones. Unless you can prove that a negative review is false and therefore unlawful.
  • Do not give discounts in exchange for writing a review. Both the Authority Consumer & Market (ACM), Google and potential customers are negative about this action. "In fact, you are then buying reviews," states Brock. "78% of buyers investigate whether a review is authentic. Giving discounts lowers that authenticity " (source: kvk, 2022). 

Delft, May 31, 2022