Powerful surveys with a high conversion rate

Insocial’s surveys are extremely user friendly, easy to understand and useful at any time! This helps you optimize your conversion and gather much more feedback from your customers. The more feedback you receive, the better. It forms the data you use to make the right decisions at the right times.

Powerful surveys with a high conversion rate

Measure and improve constantly

Measure all interactions. At any moment, via every channel and on all types of devices!

Measuring your online order process
Measuring your website visits
Measuring your service conversations

Experience for yourself just how easy to use Insocial's surveys are

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Always in your corporate style

You are free to decide the look and feel of your surveys to ensure they conform to your brand’s standards. Change the font, the colors, add your logo and choose your own background!

Always in your corporate style
Includes a photo uploader

Includes a photo uploader

With Insocial’s surveys, you can also collect your customers’ photos. You can use this functionality in a variety of ways, e.g. a picture of the end result or pictures of the customer themselves. This is a great way to make the feedback even more personal. It also comes in handy when you want to use the feedback online in the form of reviews!


Supports all types of questions

From likert scales to dropdown

Available for all devices

Desktop, mobile and tablet

Survey builder

Create your own surveys

Multichannel distribution

Distribute your survey via multiple channels

Service Recovery Flow

Let customers choose whether they are okay with you contacting them again


Available in multiple languages

Skip logic

Skip questions based on previous answers

Conditional Logic

Show/hide specific questions to/from specific customers

Question Piping

Repeat previous answers in subsequent questions


Place questions or answers in a random order


Gather online reviews

Respondent information

Contact fields or social media pre-fill

Foto uploader

Let respondents upload a photo

Fully in your corporate style

Use your organization's logo, colors and font

Unlimited number of responses

Insocial does not restrict the maximum number of responses

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Whitepaper: The most valuable KPIs for measuring customer satisfaction

How do you know exactly whether your customers are satisfied or loyal? You can gain insight into these factors by using Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. In this whitepaper, we will take a closer look at the four most valuable KPIs that organizations around the world use to measure their CX!

Brand Experience is de kern van jouw klantbeleving

The four most valuable KPIs

for your customer satisfaction survey

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