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Measure interactions in the moment via the right channels

Insocial allows you to ask your customers for feedback via every channel. By taking your customers’ preferred channels into account, you can maximize your conversion rate.

A single feedback solution for your entire omnichannel strategy

You interact with your customers via different channels. In order to provide similar experiences across all these channels (omnichannel), you must be able to request feedback via each channel. We can facilitate this for you!


Distribute surveys via all channels!


Powerful email messages that stand out in your customer's inbox

Text message

Send text messages to customers who prefer to use their mobile phone

Social media

Send out surveys via social media after an interaction moment


Have your chatbot ask the questions without your respondent having to leave the conversation

Feedback button

Give your website visitors the opportunity to share their feedback

Script for your website

Using a script, you can add your survey to your website in the form of a widget or pop-up

Script for your customer portal

Add your survey to your customer portal as a widget or pop-up

HTML snippet in your emails

Ask a question at the end of your newsletter using an HTML snippet


Ask users for feedback about your app from within the app itself

QR code

Add a QR code to a poster or flyer and distribute them on location!


Place a tablet in your store during your event where visitors can fill out the survey

Send out invitations that immediately lead to activation

Make your invitation more personal and relevant by using variables. This will result in far higher open and click rates. Think of e.g. the respondent’s name, the name of the customer service agent, the time of the conversation or the product that the customer bought.

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Conduct A/B tests to achieve maximum conversion

What is truly the most effective strategy? The answer to that question depends on the channels you use and whether these are right for your target group. Due to their years of experience, our CX experts can offer invaluable advice. Additionally, we continuously conduct A/B tests in order to maximize our customers’ conversions.

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Send out surveys yourself or let Insocial do the heavy lifting for you

Option 1: Automated

Insocial takes care of everything for you by interfacing with e.g. your CRM system. You can sit back and relax!

Option 2: Uploader

We give you an uploader. All you have to do is upload the data; we will take care of the rest. That saves you a lot of precious time!

Option 3: DIY

You distribute the surveys yourself, which means you are in complete control of every aspect.

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