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This is how organisations achieve success with Insocial

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The success of RTL; The digital world of a traditional media company.

Webcare, customer satisfaction and chatbots are important aspects of RTL's fan-centric strategy. Are you curious about their approach? In this success story, Angela Muradin, Head of Customer Care, tells you all about it!

How do you turn an 8 into a 10? Satisfaction to the max with InShared!

Acquiring, publishing and learning from customer reviews are key aspects of InShared's digital marketing strategy. Bernadette Wiersema, Customer Experience Manager, explains how the company goes about this!

The power of complaints; How ABS continues to improve its services.

ABS Autoherstel closes the loop with its customers by always responding to the feedback it receives at all branches throughout the Netherlands. Ineke van Klei explains how the organisation views all positive and negative feedback as potential improvement opportunities.

Developing the ultimate B2B Customer Experience with Pimm Solutions.

Pimm Solutions is an expert when it comes to business gifts. That means many of their customers are businesses. Myrthe de Maar explains Pimm Solutions’ strategy and approach with regard to Customer Experience within B2B and how Insocial contributed to this!

Lead Healthcare's vision: focus on happiness at work to ensure patients receive the best care!

By focusing on happiness at work, Lead Healthcare ensures its patients receive the best possible care. David van Hartskamp (CEO) used Insocial to acquire insight into the satisfaction of both its employees and its customers.

Technology as a flywheel, revenue as a result! Provalliance's challenge.

In this case, Provalliance (formerly known as Wave International) - the parent company of Cosmo Hairstyling and Team Kappers, among others - illustrates how it managed to transform its outdated brands into a new and customer-oriented formula.