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When potential customers need information, Google will often be the first place they look. You can use the review snippet, which includes your average score and number of reviews, to show off how satisfied your existing customers are. Doing so will boost your Click-Through Rate!

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Become easier to find

Your number of clicks is not the only thing that will go up. Every time a new review is added to your website, that counts as new user-generated content. For Google, this type of content written by customers is extremely valuable! At the same time, your page will be indexed again. You will attain a much higher position in Google’s ranking, which makes you easier to find.

Acquire the review snippet per product

If you have many different products, you can also use the five stars per product (regardless of what customers are actually looking for). Our client InShared, for example, performs very well in searches for car insurance, home insurance and health insurance.

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Verhoog de CTR van je Google Ads

Boost the CTR of your Google Ads

In order to fully recoup your investment in AdWords, it is important to stand out among the rest of the ads. With your five stars and excellent reviews, you will achieve a higher CTR and higher conversions! To realize this, you need to gather 150 reviews (per country) within twelve months.

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Our CX experts will help you get as many reviews as possible and publish them on your website, thus getting the review snippet from Google. They’ll tell you all the ins-and-outs during a personal demo.

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