Customer Experience (CX)

This is the sum total of the various moments of interaction between an organization and a (potential) customer, whereby a customer’s experience at every touchpoint has to match their expectations. If that is not the case, you will not be able to generate loyal customers and ultimately lose the race with your competitors.

Understand what your customers truly experience

The customer experience is not always tangible. At times, it can be difficult to understand what customers truly experience when they interact with your organization. What factors are seen as highly positive or negative? What drives your customers and why are they (not) satisfied?

Begrijp wat jouw klanten echt ervaren
Meet verschillende waardevolle momenten in de klantreis

Measure various valuable moments during the customer journey

Measure the different moments that make up the customer journey and discover at what points their satisfaction increases or decreases. Analyze your customers’ satisfaction from orientation (website) to purchase (order) and after sales (service) and understand exactly what customers experience at each of these moments.

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As an online insurance provider whose customers are active online, you can monitor the situation closely by asking customers for feedback at the right times and going beyond the standard NPS survey questions.

Bernadette Wiersema - Manager Customer Experience Damage Insurances at InShared
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Create improvement loops that help you optimize your experience on a daily basis

Demonstrate the value of your brand and discover what factors have a positive or negative effect on your brand. Make the right adjustments and stimulate more trade, increased loyalty and a larger market share!

Creëer verbeterloops waardoor je elke dag de ervaring optimaliseert
Zeg gedag tegen silo’s; harmoniseer je feedback oplossingen!

Say farewell to silos; harmonize your feedback solutions!

Instead of using a separate feedback solution for every department, you can use Insocial to gather feedback on an organization-wide level. How do customers feel about your products? Your customer service? Your brand? Get the departments in your organization to work together by giving them access to the right data and create the ultimate Customer Experience.

Measure your Customer Experience with Insocial

Measure all touchpoints with a single platform

With Insocial's surveys, you can easily ask your customers the right questions about your brand at the exact right moments.


VCompare the results of different departments or teams and understand how each contributes to your optimal customer experience.

Share your CX results with your entire organization

Do not let your results go unnoticed! Keep everyone informed at all times with reports and narrowcasting. This ensures CX will remain top of mind.

Insocial helps these organizations improve their Customer Experience:

Centraal Beheer
Rib Express

Optimize your Customer Experience with a single platform

By offering them an excellent customer experience, you ensure your customers keep coming back to your brand. In a demo, our experts share the ins and outs of measuring your Customer Experience!

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