What we do

Our mission is to ensure your customers become - and remain - your biggest fans. We do this by helping you gain insight into your key points of improvement. With our young, highly-driven team and the most complete feedback solution on the market, we are at your service every day.

Meet our CX heroes

Lex Groenewegen

Lex Groenewegen Founder

Sjors Luiten

Sjors Luiten co-CEO


Sander Koster CTO


Jamie Steenbergen Chief Commercial Officer

Stijn Daamen

Stijn Daamen Account Executive

Floor Al - van Steenbergen

Floor Al - van Steenbergen Customer Success Manager

Joël Anderson

Joël Anderson Customer Success Manager

Monique van Geest

Monique van Geest Marketer

Pim Luiten

Pim Luiten UX- en Brand Designer

Nikos Gkogktzilas

Nikos Gkogktzilas Back-end Developer


Bas Heinen Partner Manager

Laurien Kortenhorst

Laurien Kortenhorst Customer Success Manager


Annemiek de Haan Implementatie Specialist


Jesse Ruiter Back-end Developer

Steven Waltman

Steven Waltman Integratie Consultant

Britt Doorn

Britt Doorn Office Manager

Dominique de Korte

Dominique de Korte Finance Manager

Walter ten Hoor

Walter ten Hoor Executive Advisor


Insocial Adopted Rhino

How we roll

Hard with heart

Hard with heart

We work hard every single day and pour our heart into everything we do.heart



Our team is fit for the job and with our flexible solutions, we are always the right fit for you.



We develop deep and meaningful long-term relationships with our customers. We are your partner in CX!



We develop smart feedback solutions for smart organisations!

Did you know?

The year that Insocial was built.


We have already collected more than two million responses.

The average score our customers give us!


Is our launching customer, who is still with us to this day.


We wouldn't be where we are today without our partners. Together, we are building a landscape in which different platforms are integrated and data can be linked together easily.

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