Employee Experience (EX)

The Employee Experience is the sum total of all moments of interaction that an employee has with their employer, from the moment they apply for a job until they leave the organization.

Happy employees are the key to greater success

An excellent Employee Experience results in happy and satisfied employees who are willing to go the extra mile for the organization and its customers. It leads to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower absenteeism rate
  • Lower staff turnover
  • You attract more talent
Behaal meer succes dankzij gelukkige werknemers
Analyseer verschillende thema’s; ontdek wat je wel of niet goed doet!

Analyze various themes and discover what you are (not) doing right!

To improve your employee experience, you must first understand what your employees think, feel and experience and what their needs are. What are you already doing well as an employer and what improvements can you make? KPIs to measure this are the eNPS and ESAT. You can use these insights to draw up improvement plans and become an even better employer!

Romée van Klaveren

At Velox, we strive to create a world in which we all do our jobs in the understanding that we are realizing the greatest changes together. That all starts with yourself. We learn so much from the feedback we receive from our employees and we share the key insights with the entire team on a weekly basis. Gathering data, developing, learning, reacting and being a little bit better today than we were yesterday - that is what we strive for!

Romée van Klaveren – Marketeer at Velox
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Avoid extra recruitment costs; measure satisfaction during the Employee Journey

Understand how your employees feel during each distinct phase.

The start of an employee journey, for example, is one such critical moment. What is your application procedure like? What is the first impression that potential applicants get of your organization? Have you implemented a proper on-boarding process for new employees? Optimizing this process will allow you to avoid a tonne of additional recruitment costs!

Voorkom extra wervingskosten; meet tevredenheid tijdens de Employee Journey
Zet pulse surveys in voor continue meting

Use pulse surveys for continuous measurements

In addition to in-depth surveys, you can also send out brief surveys to continuously monitor your employees’ job satisfaction over time. The constant flow of feedback tells you how your employees are doing, whether they are still satisfied with their jobs and whether any improvements are needed. It also ensures your team will always feel heard!

Measure your Employee Experience with Insocial

Gain real-time insight into your employees are feeling

By measuring your Employee Experience, you have much better insight into how happy your employees are and why!

Implement optimizations based on feedback from your employees

You can immediately utilize the insights you acquire to draw up concrete improvement plans concerning various themes, including workspace, atmosphere, leadership and communication.

Share the results with your stakeholders

With Insocial, you can easily draw up reports and share them with your stakeholders. You can keep everyone up to date of your organization's employee satisfaction at all times!

Insocial helps these organizations improve their Employee Experience:

Wiertz company

Lower your recruitment costs and attract more talent!

Measuring your EX is just as important as measuring your CX. After all, satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers! In a demo, our experts share the ins and outs of measuring your Employee Experience.

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