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Insocial's bots

Smart chat and survey bots that support you via every digital channel. Build a bot with Insocial, boost your performances, increase your productivity and lower your costs.

Support your customers 24/7

Primary support available to customers at all times

Ease your service center's workload with a digital colleague

Use a chatbot to field the most frequently asked questions

Boost your conversions

Request feedback via chat and take advantage of the higher response rate


Insocial has partnered with the Microsoft Bot Framework to develop the most intelligent chatbots. A chatbot offers a multitude of benefits. It eases the workload of your customer service agents and saves you a ton of time and money. A chatbot can be used on different channels, it is being trained constantly and learns incredibly fast!

A chatbot also contributes to a better customer experience. It improves your quality of service by freeing up your service desk employees to focus on more complex issues, while a chatbot fields frequently asked questions and resolves simpler problems. The chatbot can also be developed to generate more leads via a chat channel! You can find an overview of all results in our real-time dashboard. If a bot cannot answer a customer’s question, the conversation is immediately handed off to a colleague. This ensures the customer always receives the best and fastest possible service.

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Chatbot features


Use your bot for messenger or social media


Your digital assistant, available on any device

In your own corporate style

Add your organization's logo, colors and font


Make your bot smarter with various knowledge tools

Infinite skills

The bot can independently recognize problems and generates tickets

Language recognition

Assist customers from all over the world with the help of language recognition

Survey bot

At Insocial, we offer a range of survey styles. The most interactive style is the survey bot, also known as a conversational survey. The customer provides feedback in the form of a conversation. This type of survey has a higher response rate, boosts your conversion rate and generates enough and sufficiently reliable results to allow you to implement improvements.


API driven survey bot

Easily load your survey bot into your chatbot conversation with our open API connection. This means the customer does not have to leave the conversation to fill out the survey. Since there is no need to use a different channel and they can do so in a very organic manner, customers are more likely to give you their feedback.


Surveybot features

Request feedback in the same chat conversation

Easily load your survey via the open API

Add different types of questions

From multiple-choice buttons to a slider

In your own corporate style

Add your organization's logo, colors and font

Usable at any moment during the customer journey

From service conversations to evaluations


Easily analyze the results using our dashboards


Available in more than one hundred languages

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