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What has the greatest impact on your customer experience?

With the help of our analysis dashboard, you can discover what factors most affect your customers’ experience and implement the right improvements at the right time. By doing so, you can optimally boost your customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and the growth of your organization.


Feedback inbox

Scroll through all your feedback with our inbox

Personal dashboards

Store the data you want to see more often

Analyze KPIs and scores

View your KPIs and satisfaction scores in real time

Monitor over time

Track scores over time and immediately discover changes

A deep dive into drivers and sub drivers

Zoom in on the reasons behind the data

Priority matrix

Know what to prioritize in order to generate maximum impact

Compare variables

Compare your input variables, such as gender, age, purchased product or location.

Automatic alerts for negative feedback

Be notified immediately when you receive a complaint

Analyze survey conversion

Keep your customers from giving up halfway through

Multi Language

Our dashboard is available in multiple languages

Open API

Use the Open API for integrations or to transfer data

Place feedback in the right context by combining data

Track your experience data over time and compare these to your operational data to establish connections. If your customer satisfaction goes up, so will your sales figures. The relevant data will help you develop a business case to convince internal stakeholders of the major impact of experience.

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