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Map the brand experience and find out if the customer will keep choosing your brand

Manage your Brand Experience with Insocial and foster loyalty, boost your sales figures and realize a greater market share with useful insights into your brand experience.


View your brand through the eyes of the consumer

With Insocial’s platform, you can understand exactly how consumers view your brand. What words do they associate with your brand? How emotionally invested are your customers in your brand? Insocial offers you these insights and much more, all brought together on a single platform.

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Measure different moments where the customer experiences your brand

From emails and your website to service calls and store visits. All these moments contribute to your Brand Experience. After all, the customer chooses your brand for a reason. You increase customer satisfaction significantly if you implement your brand promise at all times and the customer gets the service he or she expects!

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Insocial helps us to easily share the feedback we get from our customers throughout the organization. With the narrowcast we use, we can also bring the feedback back to the floor. Our employees know at a glance how their customer feels about their conversation.

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Angela Muradin Head of Customer Care RTL
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Real-time data easily available at any time

Record feedback on every interaction in real time and automatically receive alerts to notify you of new brand signals or brand changes! This will allow you to take immediate action and boost your brand reputation!

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Find out what strengthens or harms your brand

Prove the value of your brand, discover which factors have a positive or negative effect. By making the right adjustments, you ensure that your brand promise is fulfilled. Create higher customer loyalty and a larger market share!

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Measure your Brand Experience with Insocial

Ask your customers the right questions

With Insocial's surveys, you can easily ask your customers the right questions about your brand at the exact right moments.

Understand what your customers feel, think and experience

Draw up tailor-made reports and share them with your colleagues. This ensures everyone has the same insight into the status of your Brand Experience!

Share your BX results with the entire organization

Draw up tailor-made reports and share them with your colleagues. This ensures everyone has the same insight into the status of your Brand Experience!

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Whitepaper Brand Experience is the core of your customer experience

If you look at the different types of experiences, Customer Experience, Service Experience, User Experience and Employee Experience, the core of all these experiences is the brand of the organization. This is what you want to radiate to the customer, what you stand for as an organization ..

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