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Business ruling

With business ruling, you can create the ultimate feedback process

By utilizing our open AI interface with multiple systems and smart business ruling, you can make the feedback process as smooth as possible!

What does business ruling entail?

Business ruling are rules you set up to make sure the feedback process is as smooth as possible. You want to avoid annoying your customers with too-frequent requests for feedback. That will lower your conversion rate and the number of responses you get, which will in turn affect the reliability of your data.

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For example, you can set up the following rules:

Automatic submission triggers

Specify after what trigger the survey should be sent out, e.g. after placing an online order.

Invitation frequency

Specify the maximum number of times a customer may receive a survey from you during a given period.

Survey completion frequency

Specify how often a customer may complete the survey.

Expiration date

Specify how long the survey URL should remain valid.


Only send out the survey on working days and a maximum number of hours, days or weeks after the initial trigger.


Insocial will automatically deduplicate any email addresses or telephone numbers that are included in the database more than once.

Send alerts to the right person

Send feedback from a customer to the right call center agent, account manager or sales employee.

Cross-channel customer identification

If a customer asks the same question via two channels within a short period of time, only a single survey will be sent out.

Do you want to trigger your surveys from different systems? Not a problem!

Ultimately, you want the entire feedback process to be automated. To fully automate this process, you need connections between different systems. You can connect Insocial with your:

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You have reached “Business ruling". The next step is to analyze your data!

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