Key takeaways

Give every location insight into the feedback of its own customers. That allows you to act quickly!

Show your customers that you are listening. Always respond to your customers' feedback.

Use the analysis dashboard to compare the performances of branches and employees and discover what improvements you can make.

Key takeaways
Key takeaways

The power of complaints; How ABS continues to improve its services.

With a total of 79 affiliated businesses, ABS Autoherstel is one of the largest automotive damage repair chains in the Netherlands. As a result, ABS has to deal with 79 different entrepreneurs, each of whom runs their own business. It is therefore not always easy to stay up to date on every piece of customer feedback that each business receives.

ABS uses Insocial's software to send out surveys, analyse customer feedback and receive online reviews and publish them on its website. Every affiliated business has its own Insocial account, which employees can use to easily review the customer feedback and scores they received. The Service Center in Bodegraven can also access the scores of ABS Autoherstel as a whole, giving it clear insight into the organisation's performance.

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