Key takeaways

By measuring both your customer satisfaction and your employee satisfaction, you can immediately see connections between the two.

With frequent surveys, you can monitor the situation closely and better understand how your employees feel!

By choosing relevant moments to measure (e.g. after onboarding, after the first three months and upon an employee's exit), you can chart an employee's experience at various points throughout their journey.

Lead Healthcare's vision: focus on happiness at work to ensure patients receive the best care!

By focusing on healthcare professionals’ happiness at work, Lead Healthcare makes sure its patients ultimately receive the best possible care. Listening attentively to the wishes of its employees and satisfying their needs as well as possible is an important aspect of this.

Lead Healthcare uses Insocial to acquire real-time insight into the satisfaction of both its employees and its customers.

For Lead Healthcare, we measure the so-called ‘satisfaction triangle’. We provide insight into whether the customer is satisfied with Lead Healthcare's services, whether the employee is satisfied with Lead Healthcare's services and how the customer and the employee feel about each other.

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