Communiceer je genoeg rondom corona?

Are you communicating enough about the coronavirus?

What do your employees think of the measures you have taken in this time of crisis?

Hoe ervaren je medewerkers het thuiswerken?

How do they feel about working from home?

Do they need anything to work from home more efficiently?

Binnen twee minuten een survey!

A survey in just two minutes!

Quickly create a survey in your own corporate style and send it to your staff.

The impact of the coronavirus on organisations

You know by now that employees everywhere have been asked to work from home (if possible) to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This is a major and sudden change, especially for organisations with employees who are not used to working from home.

You have to communicate with your employees remotely. This makes it harder to assess how they feel and how their day went. It is also more difficult to know whether someone needs something that you, as their manager or director, can easily provide. Think of e.g. office supplies to make working from home easier, more information about the measures taken to combat the coronavirus or a new tool for internal communication.

De impact van het coronavirus op organisaties
Gratis Employee Wellness Check van Insocial om je te helpen!

Free Employee Wellness Check from Insocial to help you out!

We believe solidarity is a big part of the solution to the trying circumstances we currently find ourselves in. As prime minister Rutte said: “Look out for each other. I am counting on you.” We want to do our part to help organisations cope with the sudden changes to their everyday operations.

At Insocial, we specialise in feedback solutions for the Customer Experience and the Employee Experience. Since it is not easy to assess your employees’ satisfaction remotely, we offer you the opportunity to use our feedback solution for free during the corona crisis. With our solution, you can tell at a glance how your staff are doing, how they like working from home and whether you have given them enough information about the measures your organisation has taken.

How it works!

The promotion consists of a single free survey (in your own corporate style) with which you can ask your employees the following questions:

  • Do you think we communicate sufficiently with you about the corona crisis?
  • To what extent are you concerned about the impact of the corona crisis on our company?
  • Are you concerned about the impact of the corona crisis on your job?
  • Do you experience enough flexibility to be able to function well, both professionally and personally?
  • Do you have anything else on your mind?

You can easily and quickly create the survey - which is completely anonymous - in your own corporate style with our survey builder. You can then send the resulting URL to your employees. After collecting the first results, you will receive a PDF report. It doesn't get any handier than that!

How it works

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Quickly and easily create a survey in your corporate style

This offer is available while the government's corona measures are in effect