Key takeaways

With the help of customer feedback, you can develop new products that suit your customers’ (sometimes latent) needs.

Sharing customer satisfaction scores improves your entrepreneurs’ loyalty and motivation.

Reviews can give your organisation’s reputation and sales figures a significant boost.

Technology as a flywheel, revenue as a result! Provalliance's challenge.

Provalliance (formerly known as WAVE International) is the parent company of a number of hair salon chains: Cosmo Hairstyling, Team Kappers, Brainwash and Yes! Salons. In 2012, two of these brands - Cosmo Hairstyling and Team Kappers, faced a financial challenge; customer numbers were dropping and the average amount each customer spent was fairly low. Furthermore, the hair salon market was saturated and customers had a tendency to switch from one chain to the next.
To overcome this challenge, Provalliance decided to adopt an omnichannel approach that focuses entirely on the customer. Customer feedback plays an important role in this!

Provalliance works together with Insocial to zoom in on its customer experience. What do they think about their visit to the salon? What is the reason behind the score they gave? Only by looking further than the actual scores and focusing on customers’ reasons can you actually start to improve your results. Provalliance's new approach was a success! Both Cosmo Hairstyling and Team Kappers were able to improve their services and gave their brand reputation a boost with the help of customer feedback!

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