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Customer experience teams

Insocial for Management teams

Simulate a customer-oriented mindset throughout your entire organisation.


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Make your organisation's performance insightful

How satisfied are your customers with your employees, your services and your products?

Actionable insights for every department

Share your customers’ feedback with every department and every employee in your organisation.

Turn your customers into ambassadors!

Satisfied customers feel heard, keep coming back for more and recommend you to others in their network!

A single feedback platform for all your departments


Understand how customers experience the interaction with your organisation

Measure every moment on any type of device and via every channel

  • Smart, user-friendly surveys
  • Save time: Automatically submit surveys throughout the customer journey
  • Measure KPIs such as: NPS, CSAT, CES and FCR

Implement the improvements that truly matter

Insocial grants you actionable insights; insights you can share and truly put to good use!

  • Know what factors have the biggest impact on your customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Set the right priorities based on feedback
  • Clear reports for every layer of your organisation

Organisations that use Insocial

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Combine experience data and operational data

Place feedback in the right context

  • Integrate Insocial with all your favourite systems
  • Send feedback and scores at the customer level to your CRM system
  • Connect the dots between your customers’ satisfaction and your sales figures

Boost your reputation with customer reviews

71% of consumers read reviews before purchasing a product or service.

  • Post reviews on your website and social media
  • Win the trust of potential customers
  • Boost your traffic via search, earn a higher Google ranking and increase your CTR

With Insocial you have impact on your customers and on your business

Make optimal use of customer feedback

Thanks to Insocial, our HQ gains insights in the average customer satisfaction of all our locations in the country. Meanwhile, our franchisees can also zoom in on their scores and start improving the performance of their location. This way CX truly becomes a part of our DNA.

Shanna Haanraads Channel Marketing Manager bij Spare Rib Express

Would you like to know more? Request a free personal demonstration of Insocial.Would you like to know more? Request a free personal demonstration of Insocial.

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