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Customer experience teams

Insocial for Customer Service teams

Omnichannel customer contact calls for an omnichannel solution.

Optimise all your customer contact channels

Gather feedback on all your channels and improve your quality of service!

Make your agents’ performance insightful

Compare scores at every level: per department, per team or per agent.

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Move from being a cost centre to becoming a profit centre

With excellent service, you create satisfied and loyal customers who will keep coming back.

All your feedback in a single platform


How do your customers experience your service?

Discover the issues that plague your customer service department

  • Save time: use Insocial to automate your feedback process
  • Receive feedback on every channel at any moment
  • Use personal invites and user-friendly surveys for a higher conversion rate

Ask for feedback in a conversational style

Make the process of giving feedback more personal

  • Add the human touch; ask questions in a conversational manner
  • Add your own tone of voice - even during the feedback moment itself
  • Integrate the survey with your chatbot for an even higher conversion rate

Organisations that use Insocial

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Excellent service is profitable

Gain insight into the positive effects of excellent service

  • Link experience data to sales figures
  • Report these insights to every layer of your organisation
  • Use data to support investments with which to improve your quality of service!

Improve your online communication

Prevention is better than to cure

  • Measure your customers’ satisfaction with your website and FAQs
  • Analyse how clear your service emails are
  • Improve your information provision and avoid repetitive questions

Use your customer feedback to your advantage

Make optimal use of customer feedback with Insocial

Insocial helps us to easily spread the feedback of our customers feedback throughout our organisation. With the narrowcast that we use, we bring the feedback right back to the workplace. Thanks to this, our employees can immediately analyse how the customer has experienced their service.

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Would you like to know more? Request a free personal demonstration of Insocial!Would you like to know more? Request a free personal demonstration of Insocial!

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