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Customer experience teams

Insocial for CX-teams

Create a uniform experience along the entire customer journey.

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Listen to and understand your customers

Gain insight into your customers’ experiences at every stage of the customer journey!

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How are various departments performing?

Compare the performances of your branches, departments or even individual employees!

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Make your organisation fully customer-oriented

Share the results with all your stakeholders and make CX an integral part of your organisation!

All your feedback in a single platform


Give your customers a voice

Gather feedback at any time

  • Save time: use Insocial to automate your feedback process
  • Brief, user-friendly surveys for any device
  • Personal invites for a higher conversion rate

Set the right priorities

Improve your customers’ experience

  • Instantly determine what your top priority for improvement should be
  • Deep dive for the reasons behind the ratings you receive
  • Flexible dashboards: filter segments, locations or any other data!

Organisations that use Insocial

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Activate your organisation

Actionable insights for all layers within your organisation

  • Analyse feedback at every level
  • Reports for your various stakeholders
  • Integrate Insocial with your CRM system

Persuade more potential customers

Publish customer reviews on your website and social media

  • Persuade your visitors with social proof
  • Boost your online conversion rate
  • Increase your CTR and Google ranking

Use your customer feedback to your advantage

Make optimal use of customer feedback with Insocial

As an online insurance provider, where your customers are active online, you can connect with customers by asking customers for feedback at the right time, and by going beyond the standard NPS question. Our customers' satisfaction and our sales figures have increased thanks the insights provided by Insocial.

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Bernadette Wiersema Manager Customer Experience Schade

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