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Platform pricing and features

Start small or measure every department right away. Whatever it is, we think and grow with you!


Are you about to start measuring experiences? Get access to a complete environment where you can take the first steps towards a feedback-driven organization.

Key user 1
Reporting users 3
Access to our survey builder Use the essentials of business ruling Full access to our API Act quickly with response management View your results in handy reports All your surveys in one environment

Go from point solutions to a total solution. For enterprises that want to house all data in one clear platform with additional services and in-depth analyses.

Key users 5
Reporting users 10
Multi level account Included
All functionalities from SCALE, plus
Work in multiple environments Your survey in multiple languages Advanced task overview Cast your results to various displays Automatically translate feedback into +100 different languages Enrich reports with in-depth text analysis

Compare our features and see what fits your business goals best!

smile Experience Measurements
Experience Modules
We divide our modules into 5 types of experiences: customer experience, service experience, user experience, brand experience and employee experience.
Survey 'Experience templates'
Well thought-out survey templates that you can use right away.
Survey builder
Create your own surveys in our survey builder.
E-mail template builder
Build and send feedback invitations with the email tool in our platform.
Send invitations via our business API
An API (Application Programming Interface) allows developers to build integrations and applications that can connect to your Insocial account.
Business ruling
Set rules on feedback requests so the recipient does not receive an invitation too often.
Multilingual surveys
Create your survey in multiple languages. Insocial supports more than 100+ languages.
Omnichannel business ruling
Set rules based on multiple touch points and channels.
Master survey
As the main user, create a survey that can be used by any subaccount. As the main user, you will then also receive the subaccount's results.
inbox Closing the loop
Response management
View all feedback in your inbox and immediately see which feedback has been received and which actions are associated with it.
Service Recovery (closed loop feedback)
Receive an alert as soon as a negative response has come in so you can follow up and fix it right away.
Icon-insights blue Actionable Insights
Best tested templates for your dashboards
Look in the dashboard library for our best tested dashboards and start your analysis right away.
Report planner
Easily turn your dashboards into PDF reports and send them to your stakeholders at set times.
API publications
Publish your reviews on any platform with our user-friendly API.
Custom dashboards
Create your own personalized dashboards.
Automated feedback translations
Automatically translate all your feedback responses to your preferred language.
Deeplearning text analysis
Analyze the sentiment and topic of open text feedback.
Set up a webhook and get real-time updates when there are new responses.
icon-thumbs-up pink Social proof
Website reviews
Publish your open text feedback and average grades as reviews on your website.
Rich snippets in Google
Collect feedback and link it to Google so that the well-known 5 stars become visible in the search results.
Icon-settings blue Account settings
One environment
You manage one single environment and cannot create additional accounts, i.e. for other locations.
Multi-level environments
Create additional environments within your main account for different locations or departments.
User-based access
Designate different types of users with the ability to assign different rights to each type.
Key user (for all access)
The included number of key users.
Reporting user (for data access)
The included number of reporting users.
Icon user-check pink Compliance
Multi-factor authentication
Secure your account as good as possible with a login code via your phone.
Single Sign-on (SSO)
Login with your Google or Microsoft account.
Dedicated domain
Use your own company name in the survey URL.
smile Additional services
Support and help center
Access our help articles in the knowledge base.
Personal Customer Success Manager
Get all the help you need to achieve your goals with a personal Customer Success Manager.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start my paid subscription?

Request a demo via and one of our experts will contact you to discuss your wishes. Your subscription will be activated by means of an agreement.

Can I send an unlimited number of surveys?

Yes, you can send an unlimited number of surveys.

Is the amount charged monthly or annually, or can I choose?

In principle, the amount is deducted annually. Monthly payments can be discussed.

Do I need to install something?

Insocial's software runs entirely in the cloud. Login easily via your web browser.

What if I've reached the maximum number of users and I need more?

You can easily increase the number of users through our platform, or by contacting our support department.

Does Insocial integrate with third party software?

Yes, we connect to any software that is API driven, for example Salesforce, PowerBI, TOPdesk and Office Dynamics 365.

Can I purchase the features of a higher package separately while being a Scale or Flow user?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact one of the Insocial experts for a tailor-made offer.

I'm buying Insocial, what are the next steps?

This depends on the package you choose and the size of your project scope. The onboarding takes an average of 6 weeks and starts with a kick-off, after which you can get started with your first measurements.

What can I measure with your platform?

Every type of experience both on the customer and employee side. We divide this into 5 types of experiences: Brand Experience, Customer Experience, Service Experience, User Experience and Employee Experience.

Insocial helps us to easily distribute customer feedback within the organization. With the narrowcast that we use, we also bring the feedback back to the workplace. This way the employee can immediately see how the customer experienced the conversation.

Angela Muradin Head of Customer Care RTL

Do you want to know more? Get a personal, tailor-made demo from our experts!Do you want to know more? Get a personal, tailor-made demo from our experts!

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