Instead of relying on third parties, you can collect validated reviews yourself!

By sending out surveys with Insocial, you also give customers the opportunity to write a review. This keeps these reviews from being posted on a public platform that you cannot access and gives you more control over your online reputation. If a review contains any inappropriate content or information, you can hide it. Note that it is not possible to delete or exclude reviews entirely. This ensures you always present a fair picture of your organization!

Word onafhankelijk van derde partijen; verzamel zelf gevalideerde reviews!
Verhoog je conversies met de kracht van sociaal bewijs

Use the power of social evidence to boost your conversions

Consumers are far more likely to make a purchase when they see other people doing the same! Sixty percent of consumers say they read online reviews. By using Insocial’s review feed, your reviews will always be visible on your website. That, in turn, results in a much faster conversion for your visitors! You can increase this effect even more by posting customers’ pictures alongside their reviews. This shows potential customers the like-minded people who are already using your service or product.

Give your online sales funnel a boost

Add a review loop with your very best reviews to persuade potential customers at the right time. This boosts the conversion in your sales funnel and leads to higher sales figures.

Geef je online salesfunnel een boost
Verkrijg een hogere ranking in Google (SEO)

Acquire a higher ranking in Google (SEO)

Reviews are classified as user-generated content, which is seen as highly valuable by Google’s algorithm. That means you will acquire a higher ranking in Google and become easier to find in organic search results.



Approve reviews prior to publication


Archive reviews that you do not want to share online


Mark your best reviews as favorites


Respond to reviews either publicly or privately


Automatically receive an alert when a customer leaves a negative review

Consent respondent

Acquire a respondent's consent to use their review for commercial purposes

Photo uploader

Allow customers to upload a photo to improve their review


Gather information on your respondents

Landing page with reviews

Create a landing page with all your reviews

Product pages with reviews

Create product pages with specific product reviews

Review loop

Create a review loop with your favorite reviews


Ready-to-use HTML available

Corporate style

The feed can be fully customized to suit your corporate style


Publish reviews on your Facebook page

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You are now at "reviews". The next step is to get the review snippet from Google.

Boost your website conversions with social proof

Not only your conversions increase thanks to reviews. Your ranking in Google and your CTR in the search results will also go up significantly! Our CX-experts will tell you exactly how you can use this for your organization!

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