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We achieve more together with our partners. 

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MessageBird makes it possible for companies to communicate with their customers through all popular channels. Think of email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Voice and more.


OBI4wan is the all-in-1 partner in the field of reputation management, online customer service and AI and provides award-winning solutions and services!


TOPdesk is the largest IT Service Management platform in the Netherlands. They provide your service department with a clear dashboard where all tickets and reports can be handled. So they bring order to the chaos of service requests.


SaySimple is a social messaging automation platform that enables organizations to answer questions and start conversations in record speed.


Incentro gets you moving. With a view to the future. Do you want to take your online performance to a higher level or expand it? Then Incentro is the right place for you.


Coosto offers one complete social media management tool for organizations that want to get more results from online & social media in less time.

Ask Roger!

We wouldn't be where we are today if we didn't have our partners. Together we are working on a landscape in which different platforms integrate and data can be easily linked.

The Feedback Company

The Feedback Company transforms the feedback you collect into reviews that you can use for your online findability and search ads.

Moving Digital

Moving Digital is the largest online marketing partner in the brokerage industry and helps brokers to increase their brand awareness, reach and conversions.

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Insocial offers a complete solution for customer feedback. We do this for large organizations from the Netherlands and sometimes even abroad! 

To make the request for feedback as extensive and diverse as possible, we work with different parties to integrate our survey with a chatbot or to make customer feedback visible in a CRM system. This is another value added service for the organizations our partners work for!

If you choose for a partnership with Insocial, you will be working with an innovative, smart and flexible team that is always looking to get the most out of our partnership for both parties. We are a future-proof partner with knowledge of customer experience and technology.

These partnerships are possible:
Integration Strategical Reseller Knowledge & content

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