User Experience (UX)

User Experience is about users’ experiences with digital channels or platforms. By measuring this experience, you gain more insight into whether users quickly achieve their goals, whether they can find what they were looking for and whether your platform or website is easy to use.

Put your users first by creating the ultimate User Experience

User Experience is about what your users need, the information you provide to them and the goal you want to see achieved. By creating an optimal user experience, you make it easier for your customers to find the right information or submit a request. That, in turn, helps you realize your business goals faster and satisfy your customers’ wishes!

Put your users first by creating the ultimate User Experience
Real-time feedback about your emails, website or app

Real-time feedback about your emails, website or app

No more guessing or assumptions! With Insocial, you can map out the digital experience of your website, emails, apps or your online platform. These insights tell you exactly what your users’ needs are, so you can implement specific improvements to boost your conversion rate!


The myriad responses we receive via the Insocial survey make it a whole lot easier for us to gain insight into what visitors really think and what issues they encounter along the way. Those data help us set priorities and make the right choices, so we can consistently develop appropriate solutions and prevent future visitors form encountering the same problems.

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Go beyond the score; discover the real cause of problems

By asking for feedback, you gain insight into what is going wrong and – crucially – what is causing the problem. Why are users unable to achieve their goal? Eliminate the errors and factors that interrupt flows and quickly resolve complaints!

Ga verder dan de score; ontdek de oorzaak van problemen
Implementeer gemakkelijk de feedback knop van Insocial

Easily implement Insocial's feedback button

With Insocial’s feedback button, you can easily and quickly ask visitors for feedback about your website or online platform. When a respondent clicks the button, the survey begins. Both the button and the survey itself can be fully customized to suit your corporate style!

Measure your User Experience with Insocial

Understand what your users like or dislike

What issues do users encounter? What keeps them from reaching the end of a flow? What aspects do they love?

Compare the performances of different pages of your website

How do the different pages that make up your website perform? Analyze and compare their performances to accurately identify issues!

Easily share feedback with the right people

Did you receive feedback that the marketing departed can do something with? Perhaps your service department should know about it? With Insocial, you can easily share feedback with the right people!

Insocial helps these organizations improve their User Experience:

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Create the best user experience and boost your conversions!

Do you want to know how to optimize your online user experience and generate more conversions on your website? In a demo, our experts share the ins and outs of measuring your User Experience.

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